Homes using CEIVA technology realize a 20% reduction in their energy use.

National Grid's Smart Energy Solutions program in Worcester, MA utilizes CEIVA Entryway and Homeview products along with CEIVA's marketing services to prove that ANY utility with a Smart Grid can effectively engage customers and reduce peak time demand.

National Grid Director of Smart Energy Solutions
"CEIVA delivered a technology platform that provides customers with information on their energy use, enables demand response capabilities and supports customer engagement solutions for participating customers."— William Jones, Director, Smart Energy Solutions Program, National Grid
"CEIVA technology makes energy interesting for customers who wouldn't otherwise think about it. We see the Homeview as a key tool to help members understand their usage and take action to reduce their bills over the long term.."— Frank Wilson, Manager of NEC Retail.
"After our initial deployment with CEIVA Energy delivered such impressive customer feedback, it was an easy decision to expand the program to include more customers and additional Home Energy Management technologies like smart thermostats."— Steve Zurn, general manager of Glendale Water & Power.
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A comprehensive Smart Grid software suite to dynamically manage load that includes: Provisioning, Demand Response and Messaging.

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A complete Home Energy Management solution for utility customers to monitor their home energy use and participate in Demand Response events.

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